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Light Industry College from Balti

The culture and discipline to achieve the highest level of the book! 

Balti Light Industry College, founded on the basis of the professional technical school no. 62, according to the Governmental Decision no. 431 of June 23, 1992, become one of the most famous map education institutions in the region. The 600 students, who are studying, have created conditions for deep theoretical and practical training of high level. 

The college has well-trained teachers and instructors, with experience, passion for their profession and the institution they have committed. Out of 48 teachers and instructors, a majority have teaching degrees, master's titles and managerial grades. 

College of Light Industry is participating in the most fashion exhibitions and festivals, sports competitions and contests in the field, territorial and republican Olympics. Due to successful evaluation, the students have conquered diplomas, awards and valuable presents. A great popularity belongs to Fashion Theatre “Grace”, Sports Club “Olympia”.

Every year near-by companies hire our specialists in: 
- Modeling of fabric and clothing technology; 
- Knitwear modeling and technology; 
- Barber and beauty; 
- Light industry machinery; 
- Fashion design; 
- Spinning and fabric

-Health and safety at work

In the course of its activity College of Textile Industry has established and maintains a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Branch from Balti, Businessmen's Club “Manager Club” German Economy Service “SES”, a large number of specialized companies (JSC “BălÅ£eanca” JSC “Infiniti”, JSC “Ungheni Carpets”, etc..). 

We are open and will consider any proposal for cooperation. 

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